The Basics of Sports Betting: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a sports fan and have ever wanted to bet on sports, but felt overwhelmed by the technicalities such as book making, point spreads, odds and bookmaking, then relax. You will be ready to take part in no time after you’ve read this article. Although it might seem daunting, sports betting is not as complicated as it seems.

A Brief History of Gambling in Sports

Gambling was a tradition in England. The colonists carried this love to America and carried on the tradition. Early colonists bet on horse racing, boxing, and cock-fighting. gabungsbo login The majority of gambling in the early 19th century was focused on horse racing, with boxing second. With the increasing popularity of baseball, sports gambling has shifted to baseball betting in the latter part of the century.

Sports like college basketball and football began to attract the attention of the general public at the beginning of the 20th century. With the passing of time, these sports were starting to compete with baseball in terms popularity. Betting on basketball and football was first done using odds, also known as the moneyline.

Evolution Of The Sports Betting

Bookmakers had to find a solution for this problem. The majority of gamblers were inclined to bet on college teams that were superior to their rivals. This made the match outcome a forgone conclusion, which led to losses for the bookmakers. The new way of gambling on sports was introduced by the bookmakers just before the Second World War.

Use The Point Spread

The point spread, in simple terms, is a handicap that is applied to the likely winner of any football or basket ball game in points. If the Clippers were to be defeated by the Lakers, then the point spread could be as high as 20. 20 points would either be subtracted from the total Lakers score or added to the Clippers total score. If the Lakers win, then any sports fan who placed a bet on them would make money. Gamblers who wager on the Clippers will win if they win the game. Even if the Clippers lose, the gamblers still have a chance to win if they lose by 19 points or less.

The point spread was a way for bookmakers to balance their books. Sports bets were placed more evenly than in the old system, where most gamblers bet on the same teams.

The Advent Of Totals

The point spread’s huge success helped bookmakers to realize that more options for betting would mean more people were likely to place bets. The totals was created as a result of this realization. This betting option, also known as “overs/unders”, allows gamblers to wager on the total score of both teams regardless of what happens.

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